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Time: 4 weeks | Role: UX Research, UI Design Foody helps people to eat the food they already have at home, offering a variety of recipes based on their preferences and budget.

My Design Process
Discoveries and pain points

In order to be able to validate the problem statement, I used two methodologies: an online survey and open-ended interviews. After a few days of research, I was able to get a better insight into the habits and behaviors of the users. Number of participants for the online survey: 38. The survey had 7 questions, different possibilities of answers: multiple choice, linear scale, checkboxes and writing. After receiving the answers to this survey, I started the 1:1 interviews. Because of the pandemic I did these interviews online via Zoom. There were 8 participants, 60% women and 40% men, between 25 and 35 years old and based in Europe, Australia and the United States.

Synthesis and Design

After several discussions and additional research, I created some "crazy eights" to have different potential solutions to the 'How Might We' problem statements that I found. This allowed me to understand how users would work their way through the product and to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience with the features. To see how the ideas would work as full solutions, I created a User Flow on Sketch.

Ideation and Exploration

Once I got a better understanding of the key features to be included and the problems that needed to be solved, I started designing a landing page. The purpose of the landing page was to show the benefits of Foody and to see if users would be interested in the product. So I first wrote the different parts and then I structured the landing page by defining each part with low fidelity sketches. Once the structure was done, I was able to move on to the colours, images and creation of the landing page in high fidelity. I used Adobe XD for it.

Usability Testings and feedback

To test the landing page, I chose two different ways. The first, was to do 1:1 interviews with 7 participants. and the second I used UsabilityHub. With UsabilityHub I had 25 participants, 20 to 74 years old, from different countries around the world (including United States, Australia, South America). My goal with this survey was to know if the problem exposed in the landing page was clear, if they had already faced it and if they would use Foody. Based on the positive feedback, I am now at the stage of prototyping.


The research done on this product I'm working on has allowed me to establish the problem, understand the needs of the users and see if this product could meet them.

Next Steps The next steps have already begun. I am currently working on low fidelity wireframes on the mobile app to test them with users. This will show me if the app addresses their needs and how they will interact with it.


Let’s connect!


Let’s connect!